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 Florida Paranormal Research Group, Inc. was founded in 2005 by Ian J. Hickin.  The Group is a Scientific Research Unit that Specializes in Development of New Technologies and Methodologies for Spiritual Contact.  The Team consists of Investigators and Researchers from Around Southwest Florida and Investigates locations all over Florida.  We are not Ghost Hunters, we are Scientific Researches.  We feel that locating ghosts is not the challenge, finding a way to establish consistent and meaningful communication with entities beyond is!  We want to prove through repeated example that there is an intelligence that can be contacted.  We are always looking for new members for our Local Research Team.  If you live in SW Florida and would like to join our Local Team, fill out an application HERE

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 Florida Paranormal Research Group, The Science and Technology Specialists, Click On The Photo For Full Resolution


 IF YOU LIVE IN SW FLORIDA AND ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT THE PARANORMAL, CALL 239-770-3384. We Only Want Serious Applicants that have Time To participate In One Of Florida Most Active Research and Investigative Units. This is not a Club or Fraternity! We are not Hobbyists, Ghost Hunters, or Thrill Seekers. We take this Very Seriously! We Want Self Motivated Individuals or Couples that want to Participate in Research, Investigations, Lab Experiments, Research and Development, Broadcasts, Shows, and Events. If This Sounds Exciting and You Are Willing To Work Hard..... Then... Go HERE And Fill Out The Application

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Paranormal Activity

A camera is set in a corner, just above a bed monitoring paranormal activity in Lehigh Acres. Top: Team members scan monitors for signs of activity from the beyond. Left: Ian Hicken, at one of the monitors in the garage, prepares for the show to go live in five minutes.
Lead investigator Gary Walters is in charge of the entire investigation. COURTESY PHOTO


NOTE: We do not list Private Residences or Businesses That Do Not What There Information Published, This is a Partial List!

Old Gilchrist County Jail
Trenton. FL

We assisted Beyond the Uncanny with an investigation here.  For more information on the Old Gilcrest County Jail, Go Here

ah472@hotmail.com, or at 352-472-2608

St. Augustine, Florida

We may be going back with this years Paranormal Kicks Cancer Event.    The Peninsula Inn & Spa 1-888-9000-INN
E-mail: inn_spa@yahoo.com  2937 Beach Blvd.  Gulfport, FL 33707
Square with diamond shaped bastions, the Castillo squats, ever vigilant,  on the shore of the Matanzas River. Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, Florida
St. Augustine, Florida

 STATUS:  Preliminary Investigation Complete.  We may be going back there at some point in the Future. 

Ybor, Tampa, Florida

 Status:  Preliminary Investigation Completed

Photo of Haunting Experience MISS CAROLINES's VACATION RETREAT
St. Augustine, Florida

 STATUS: First Investigation Complete.  Raw Evidence Has Been Posted For Review on The White Noise Forum  Evidence Review Continues!   Second Investigation in Scheduling for 2011.

St. Augustine, Florida

 STATUS: First and Second Investigation Complete.  Raw Evidence Has Been Posted For Review on The White Noise Forum 

Spanish Military Hospital Website
Mt. Dora, Florida

STATUS: First Investigation Complete.  Raw Evidence Has Been Posted For Review on The White Noise Forum  Evidence Review Continues!   Second Investigation in Scheduling for 2011.

Mt Dora Jail Museum Website

El Circulo Cubana de Tampa CUBAN AMERICAN CLUB
Tampa Bay, Ybor City, Fl.

STATUS: First Investigation Complete, Raw Evidence Is Being Posted Now For Review on The White Noise Forum.     Team Phenomenon Also Investigated This Location with us.  

 Cuban Club Website

 Tampa Bay, Channel Dist, Fl.

STATUS: First Investigation Complete, Raw Evidence Is Posted For Review on The White Noise Forum.  Research Information and Investigation Information Available On The Investigation Page.  Show is archived and available for viewing on demand.   This Investigation Lead By Paranormal ExtremeSS American Victory Website  Press Release Page  Also Participating: Team Phenomenon, and Southern Paranormal Investigations.

Cassadaga, Florida

STATUS: First Investigation Complete, Raw Evidence Is Posted For Review on The White Noise Forum.  Show is archived and available for viewing on demand.   Team Phenomenon Also Investigated This Location.  Cassadaga Hotel Website


STATUS: First Investigation Complete, Raw Evidence Is Posted Now For Review on The White Noise Forum.  Research Information and Investigation Information Available On The Investigation Page.  Show is archived and available for viewing on demand.   Team Phenomenon Also Investigated This Location.  Location is Under New Management, Further Research Work is Pending.

Smallwood Store and Trading Post SMALLWOOD STORE, Chokoloskee, Florida

STATUS: First Investigation Complete, Raw Evidence Is Being Posted Now For Review on The White Noise Forum.  Research Information and Investigation Information Available On The Investigation Page

UPDATE: We will be going back in the Winter for additional Research and Investigation 


STATUS: We have Investigated this Location 10 Times, Raw Evidence Has Been Hosted On The White Noise Forum.    Research Information and Investigation Information Available On The Investigation Page.  This location is an ongoing research project and we will continue to investigate as we can.  SWFPI is also conducting Research at this Location. LINK TO FOX4 NEWS FEATURE   Clewiston Inn Website

UPDATE: We Investigated With Ghost Tracker TV.  Evidence will be shown in an upcoming Ghost Tracker TV Episode.


STATUS: First Investigation Complete, Evidence is Hosted, Research is Completed.  Red made 2 additional trips to Sarasota to complete the required research on the property, building, and its previous owners, tenants, employees, and visitors.   The Research has yielded some Very Interesting Results.  Special Thanks to Cindy Cassity (Cassity1) and Virginia Walters (RedMenace) for all your hard work and dedication finishing this one up.  This Case is Closed / Location is Active   Ringling College Website

PELICAN ALLEY, Nokomis, Florida

STATUS: First Investigation Completed.  First Reveal is Completed.  Evidence has been converted to Flash (FLV) 16.9 and is hosted for forum members.  Case File and Research is being posted for members in The White Noise Forum.   Reveal is completed. 

CAPT'N CON'S FISH HOUSE, Bokeelia, Pine Island, Florida

STATUS: We have conducted 4 Investigations, The Evidence is hosted on The White Noise Forum.  Evidence Review In Progress.  First Reveal Completed.            


You Must Be A Member Of The Forum To Review Evidence. 
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About The Founder Mission Statement
I am the founder and Lead Investigator of Florida Paranormal Research. I have been interested in the paranormal my entire life. I have spent the last 20 years listening to Coast to Coast AM at night and dreaming about the possibilities out there.... Following my retirement from the Fire Department I felt that we had reached a point technologically where we can actually communicate with that which lies beyond, and I wanted to try! I decided to start Florida Paranormal Research because I felt that the Ghost Hunting community was not using a wide enough array of technology. I feel that the only proof that skeptics are going to believe is something captured by technology. We have based our entire methodology on technological saturation. We feel that if one camera will do then 5 will do much better. We generally deploy more than 10 cameras on a single investigation. We use many recording and sensing devices and generally take home up to 40G of data in pictures, video, data and audio. I am really into the paranormal, I guess you can tell.

I started Florida Paranormal Research in an effort to make breakthroughs in the Paranormal Field. We are not Ghost Hunters. We work with and support them, however. Our groups focus is divided into 3 categories. First Research and Development of new technologies, methodologies, and procedures that will produce more definitive results. Second conduct scientifically valid historical research and field investigations of locations where activity is said to be occurring. Attempt to establish and maintain repeatable, scientifically quantifiable contact, using a Technological medium. Collect Data and Evidence using Industry Standard Collection and Security Procedures. and... Third, to publish our work in a manner that will be interesting and informative to the general public. I call this the Paranormal Trifecta. We currently have members working in all of these three areas. Current experiments and projects include, EMF field generation (EMF Pumps), the use of multiple and variable light frequencies, introduction of sound into an environment, changing environmental variables such as temperature, humidity, etc. We are also working with highly sensitive microphones, IR night cameras, low LUX cameras, as well as the Paranormal PUCK, and various Digital Dowsing Devices, Several variations of the K-II and K-III, and an array of atmospheric and electromagnetic sensing and monitoring Data Loggers. We try something new on every investigation, and we repeat the same experiment repeatedly in different locations and under differing conditions. Many times we have 5 or 6 different experiments running in different areas of the structure during a single night. We will continue to change our methods, equipment, or procedures until we find something that works!!

As stated before all Evidence is captured and secured following a scientific control procedure to preserve itís validity. Copies of all evidence are retained by the Senior Staff the moment the Investigator returns to the command post. Any discoveries are compared to the original and the first copy for verification.

We believe in Transparency!! We actually show our Audience every step of the process. They watch as we make the equipment and lab test it LIVE on the air. We use there input in the process. We then broadcast our investigation LIVE on 5 Viewers with up to 20 Camera Views. We have LIVE Chat and Viewers, again, are part of the investigation. We have Chat Moderators in the Command Center Logging what everyone sees. We then post 100% of our Raw Evidence online before it is even viewed! The public (no fee or charge) can view the evidence and comment on what they find. There results are then included in the case record. They then get to watch the reveal LIVE on the air! They follow the process start to finish!

As any good Scientist would... We must publish our work! We feel that it is very important to spread the word about our work and our findings. Saturday Night Paranormal is a great venue to publish our work! We have developed the philosophy, Progress through Cooperation, not Competition. We feel that it is the only way to complete the research. You must publish your work! To that end we have created and expanded The White Noise Forum, a forum designed to bring the public, ghost hunters and paranormal researchers together in a multi tear, open format, discussion forum with complete file support and extended featured. This is where we host 100% of our raw, unedited evidence for download. It has taken offÖ We now have more than 40,000 registered members and we now have Twelve official teams, Two Official Events and 3 Offical Shows.

We feature Saturday Night Paranormal, with Hosts Ian Hickin and Bob Kelly on Saturday Nights at 9pm Eastern. We have broadcast Every Saturday Night for more than 3 years! We carry programming including Live Ghost Hunts, live experiments, Special Guests, Event Coverage, and Evidence Analysis. The show covers all Paranormal Topics, with a majority of the programming devoted to Hauntings, Spiritual Communication, and Energy Interaction. My group now includes 15 local members, and a number of Virtual Investigators that help us Review Evidence from around the world. We receive more than 1000 unique hits a day on our family of websites. We have ghost hunters and paranormal researchers from around the US on the show each week to offer opinion and update the viewership on what they have found and where they are going next. Our goal is to network as many serious teams and groups as possible, to put as many minds as possible in the loop.

We are affiliated with the Paranormal Information Association and are Staff at the PIA Conference in Florida. We are staff for the Paranormal Kicks Cancer event in Florida as well, raising money for the American Cancer Society. We participate in investigations with White Noise Network Teams all around Florida and participate in many events and causes.

I am very passionate about the paranormal. I am very selective of who actually becomes an investigator with our team. I am only looking for people who are passionate and are on the same quest for knowledge and truth that I am. I expect a lot from my members as we are a very active research and investigations unit. Many people who join find that it is too much for them and others never make it through the long training and vetting process. We want people who have drive and ambition and are willing to put in the long hours, and we do sometimes find them. 

If you live in SW Florida and would like to join our Local Team, fill out an application HERE

I am proud of what we have achieved. We have a successful website, forum, broadcast and now a Newsletter.   It truly Is... "Progress Through Cooperation..."

Ian J. Hickin (HurricaneIan)
Florida Paranormal Research is a non for profit organization, researching the paranormal in Florida. We bring professionalism and confidentiality to each investigation. We understand that calling a team to investigate your private home or property is not an easy decision. Above all else, we respect your right to privacy.

We will be using highly sensitive recording devices in an attempt to capture evidence of paranormal activity. The images and audio that we capture will only be released with the homeowner or property owner's permission. We will not share or publish any of the evidence captured outside our group if this is the desire of the owner. Before we began each case we discuss a comfortable level of disclosure with the property owner. We agree on the terms and then proceed with the investigation. Following the investigation the evidence collected is shown to the property owner. Again we ensure a comfort level with the property owner regarding any material that will be released about the investigation.

We are not amateurs, or beginners. Our team members have been trained and vetted by the founder of Florida Paranormal Research. We do not allow untrained personnel to operate unless they are accompanied by an experienced investigator. Again our primary goals are comfort for the owner and residents involved and paranormal understanding. We will bring a levelheaded and comfortable atmosphere into your property, taking care of the most important thing, your discomfort. During this process we will try to help you understand the nature of the problems being observed. We will try to supply you with the information you need to understand why this is happening and how little danger is actually involved.

We will begin by listening to your experiences and concerns. We will then perform a walk through with you, giving an opportunity to hear about each room and the experiences witnessed there. Then we will set up a wide range of equipment, including video, audio, and motion sensing units. We will then use teams of 2 or 3, equipped with handheld sensing devices to try to recreate and debunk personal experiences in an attempt to find good evidence either for or against paranormal activity. We will then share our findings with the owner and come to a conclusion.

Following the completion of our research we will gladly provide you with a copy of our official findings as well as any recorded evidence. The conclusion of an investigation is not the end of our relationship with our clients. We will always be there to answer any additional questions or to reinvestigate the location at a future time.

We Do All Of This Free Of Charge.

We will not accept any money for this service whatsoever. All expenses will be covered by membership dues and outside donations. Clients are not asked for donations or funds of any kind.

We understand the fear and the seriousness of each situation. We are after all, normal people, investigating the paranormal. Our team members all have regular jobs, we conduct meetings, training, and investigations on our time off.

If you need answers to your ghostly problems, call us, we can help!

We are currently expanding our Local Research Team. If you live in the Lee County, Florida Area (Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, Bonita Springs, Estero, San Carlos Park, North Fort Myers, Bayshore, Alva, Pine Island, Etc.) and would like to join our team use one of the methods below. Our memberships are free and our members are very active and involved. We currently have many hunts scheduled and we need new members to staff many key positions.

We are currently producing a once a week internet TV show that airs on Saturday Nights at 10pm Eastern. We are also developing new technologies and methods in an attempt to attain better results on investigations. We have also begun broadcasting our Investigations live over the internet. We have several special project teams and production teams forming as well and growth seems to be in the cards. If you are serious, and want to be a part of a very active and involved group and you have free time, then you may qualify. Please Call 239-770-3384 for More Information!

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